About Us

Mcdonald Timber Industries is one of Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of hardwood and softwood timber products ranging from doors, windows, trusses, boards, mouldings, school and garden furniture.

Based in the town of Ruwa in Zimbabwe the company started in 1993 and has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of doors and other timber related products which include trusses.

Mcdonald Timber Industries products are readily available throughout Zimbabwe and across the SADC region through its various reputable and reliable distributors and merchants.

Quality is the cornerstone of Mcdonald Timber Industries success. The experience that our staff has gained in the craftsmanship of doors and other timber related products cannot be easily matched by anyone.

The Promise


Mcdonald Timber Industries is committed to producing exceptional products for its market.


We employ environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to sustain the environment today and in the future.


Continuous innovation at Mcdonald Timber Industries in terms of product design is our culture.


Customers are the reason for our existence that is why we have invested much to guarantee an excellent service experience.